VoIP Service

UTS offers modern telephone services to businesses as well as individual persons based on VoIP. This technology gives users possibility to get high quality telephone service anywhere with internet connection.

Our multi-channel fixed number gives you opportunity to make and receive multiple calls without busy channel. You can have unlimited simultaneous calls.

With the help of VoIP technology you can centralize multiple geographical zones and branches in a single system.

Why should we choose UTS?

  • Greatly reduce telephone expenses, on local as well as international calls
  • you can increase telephone lines for free
  • talk for free in uts internal network
  • You can get our service anywhere with internet connection

How should you subscribe to UTS servie?

  • You just need internet connection. You can receive Service on IP telephones as well as on softphones on personal computers and smartphones.
  • Fixed telephone – you can connect old fixed telephone to the VoIP system with Adapter
  • IP telephone – buy certified telephones with rich features from our website
  • Computer – download special program which can be installed on multiple OS(Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Smartphone – download special app for your smartphone(Android, IPhone-IOS, Windows phone)
  • You can transfer your number to our network for free and use best rates for communications.
  • Get our number for free!

Additionally we offer:

  • Personal Manager assistance.
  • free 24 technical support.
  • free call center installation and configuration.
  • individual approach for your business needs.